CAGeeks Mailing List Rules:
CA Geeks is a private list by invite or referral only. If you would like to refer someone, please make an introduction via email to the list admin, Aaron Hughes.

There are currently 268 CA Geeks list members.
    Courtesy Guidelines
  • Always remember that you are interacting with people so be mindful of what you write. Never write anything you would not say to someone directly.
  • Never use a list for personal attacks or profanity. If you would not say it in a crowded room for all to hear, do not write it in a message.
  • Content is not to be forwarded off list with the exception of job offers or explicit permission from the poster.
  • Write only public (never private) messages. This list is a private forum, however, personal comments or criticisms should be sent directly to the person, not the entire list.
  • When you are replying to a list message be sure to note to whom you are replying. Lists are often set up to reply to the list.
  • If your reply is not of interest to everyone on the list change the TO: address to the person to whom your reply is directed.
  • Sign your posting including brief contact information. You can use the signature that you have set up in your mail client or simply type in the information at the end of your note.
    Content Guidelines
  • Stick to the purpose of the list. The more topic-specific the contributions are, the more useful the list is for everyone.
  • Make the subject line descriptive; 'change in meeting location' is more useful than 'hello'.
  • Be brief, professional, clear, and logical.
  • Avoid me too-isms.
  • Don't send chain letters, spam, flames (an abusive message about another person), or solicitations.
  • Job postings are allowed if they are network, system, geeky appropriate
    Format Guidelines
  • The less formatting the better. Many different email clients will be used to read the messages. Some of those could be plain text email readers that cannot handle fancy formatting. Plain text is always best, avoid including graphics, charts, and images.
  • Do not type the whole message in caps, it's the equivalent of shouting.
  • Always proofread and edit your message before you send. Poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation are unprofessional, and do not speak well of the sender.
  • Edit the original message in your replies. Leave a few lines to recall the topic you are addressing, but not the entire previous message(s).
    Reporting violations
  • Please report all violations to the list mom, Aaron Hughes